About the duo

Istanbul based post-punk/darkwave duo formed in 2019 by Furkan Güleray and Çağla Güleray.

Contradictions, inner chaos. As they delve into the depths of despair and darkness, Ductape depicts lost hopes dancing with disappointments.

In 2021, Ductape started meeting the world with a Mexico tour, continued with concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Liège Dark Winter Festival, Fekete Zaj 2022. Debut album Labirent is featured as top best albums of the year 2021 by appreciated magazines and playlists of the scene.

Released their first EP “Little Monsters” in 2020 with Tamar Records.

Released debut album Labirent in 2021 with Swiss Dark Nights.

Released 2nd album Ruh in 2022 with Swiss Dark Nights.